EPIC Outreach exists to inspire compassion by sharing information to create a kinder world for people, animals, and the environment.

The Be Kind Impact

In 2019 EPIC Outreach reached into the classroom and held their 2nd week long Summer Camp.

  • Over 50 hours in the classroom

  • Shared Info w/ over 700 kids and adults

  • Gave away over 200 books

  • Took in 22 farm animals to serve as Education Ambassadors


Jessie was 10 yrs young when she witnessed a beautiful rust and black colored German Shepherd dog lying motionless in the street, having been hit by a car. Where was his owner? Why was no one doing anything? Why didn't anyone care? He just laid there helpless and homeless on the black pavement - dead.

At that very moment Jessie knew DEEP down inside that there was a greater calling on her life. She was going to do something that would save, protect, and make a difference for all things. Over the years Jessie has cultivated a distinguished background in animal rescue and outreach to include various jobs in corporate America that have shaped her personality and drive to make a difference for people, animals, and the planet.  In 2015 an emaciated, skin-crusted cat crossed her path and the calling was ignited again! This time Jessie took a leap of Faith and trusted in the divine inspiration of EPIC Outreach. She has a passion for compassion with over 20 years experience in the animal welfare fields through rescue, networking, and education outreach.  She believes you can teach compassion creating a kinder world for people, animals, and the planet!

Kelly Rosado is a fulltime Field Traffic Controller for Comcast Corporation. In the 9yrs she has been with them, she has held many positions, including volunteering with their community outreach team. Kelly was also a board member for New Operation Cooper Street, an after school program based in the county she resides. There she helped with operational duties, fundraising, and many events throughout the years. She has heart to help others which has led her to EPIC. Kelly is married and has one daughter, who is also very involved in community outreach. In their free time they enjoy travelling, bicycling, catching live shows, and spending time with their rescued pitbull.


On Animal Things

Learn about our stand on animal related topics like declawing, puppy mills, dog racing, zoo's, animals in entertainment, tethering, and more. CLICK HERE


EPIC Outreach is a 501c3 non-profit

tax ID#47-4972969 with a mission to create a kinder world for people, animals, and the planet by inspiring compassion for all things.  


P.O. Box 77479

Jacksonville, FL 32226



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