Major Dog House Project

Helping Community Pets Live a Better Life

The goal for The Major Dog House Project is to provide pets with a safe  and secure place of their own. We don't advocate pets living outside in a backyard, but sometimes we have to meet the pets and their people right where they're at. Our intention is to work with our local Animal Care and Protective Services to provide a way to keep pets and people together.


Keeping pets out of shelters reduces the number of homeless pets, and an animal shelter is no place for any pet. A shelter is a high stress place and causes behavioral and health concerns for many animals that end up in that environment which can often lead to death.  


Providing a dog house is one step in keeping pets with the people that love them and leads to better care of the pet over the long-term. Please read the success story of a dog named MAJOR (not the Major this project is named after, but we think it's neat that this dog is also named MAJOR). 

Why a Dog House?

Why a dog house and not a new home? Many pets live a great life full of love, but they don't live inside a home. While we advocate that every animal be indoors we realize that is not possible for all animals and all households. Providing a dog house to dogs who live most of their life outdoors is a way to keep that animal safe from the elements while giving that animal a place to call its own. Please click the Outdoor Dog resource for more information.

Will you make a donation to help dogs like King receive a Dog House today? Through a partnership with Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services we are providing animal control officers with dog houses to share with pets they encounter in the community. 

(MDHP) is aptly named after Major, a rescued dog that inspired his owners to want to give back and help more homeless dogs have a better life. Each house costs $75 to make and your support helps to build these homes. Please consider making a donation today to help more pets in need.


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