• Jessie Miller

Success is up to me

This past weekend I stepped out in a big way with EPIC Outreach’s first ever successful outreach event. I had done these events before under other pretenses, but this was different. This was stepping out into a field where I didn’t know if I would be judged, ridiculed, or laughed at. To my amazement I was welcomed with open and supportive arms. I learned that the reality of any situation is that it’s up to me to make the event what I want it to be, so I did. I met so many wonderful people and animals. It was so much fun that I cannot wait to do it all over again. When you step out of the box of the known into the unknown you really get to experience life. For many at the event it was an all too familiar routine. For me it was invigorating. It was refreshing and it was empowering. I know I am right where I need to be doing what I love.

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